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Krakow Balice Airport named after John Paul II is the second international airport in Poland, in terms of the number of passengers served and the number of flight operations. Over 70 planes land and depart every day and almost 7 million people use it to visit Krakow every year. They are served from two terminals. T1 is designed to handle domestic flights, while the modern T2 serves both domestic and international flights. It has a bridge connecting the terminal with the hotel, a multi-story parking lot, and a separate railroad station – Krakow Airport. – with a direct connection to and from the Krakow Main Station.

Route from/to Balice Airport

John Paul II International Airport is situated about 10 km from the center of Krakow and the A4 freeway on the route Katowice – Kraków – Rzeszów runs in its vicinity. The S7 expressway and many provincial roads run right next to the Balice airport, making access to the international airport easy and fast. There are also two other airports near Krakow: Katowice (around 80 km away) and Rzeszów (170 km away).

4 Best Ways To Transfer from Balice Airport to Krakow

  1. Airport Train Shuttle: The airport offers convenient train shuttle services that connect travelers to various locations within Krakow city center. They operate at regular intervals, providing an affordable and hassle-free way to reach your accommodation. KMŁ (Lesser Poland Railways) trains embark from the airport at least hourly between 4 am and 11 pm and reach the Main Station in as little as 17 minutes. And you’ll be just a 10-minute stroll from the main market square! A normal ticket will run you 17 PLN (prices subject to change). You can book a trip to Krakow online or buy a ticket at the register. 
  2. Taxi: Taxis are readily available outside the terminal building, offering a convenient door-to-door service. While slightly more expensive than other options, taxis are a convenient choice, especially for travelers with heavy luggage or those heading to destinations outside the city center.
  3. Public Transport: For budget-conscious travelers, Krakow Airport is well-connected to the city’s public transport network. Bus services run regularly between the airport and Krakow’s main bus and train stations, providing an economical way to travel. The most important Krakow airport shuttle is the line no. 902, which leads directly to the main shuttle bus hub/ train station of the city. You can buy a one-way ticket directly inside the bus for as little as 6 PLN per person.
  4. Private minibus shuttles: Apart from the city buses and the train from Krakow’s main railway station, private carriers provide their services, making connections both with Cracow and many other town and cities in the vicinity. The offer vary greatly in price and quality. Generally, you get what you par for – a premium price will provide you with a VIP experience, while the cheap minibus companies will get you to your destination with average comfort and limited payment options.

Krakow Paul II Balice Airport – Infrastructure

The Polish airport, like other international airports, offers its passengers duty-free stores, cafés, tourist information, airport information, cafés and ATMs. Free WiFi is also available throughout the terminal.


Passengers and people leaving the city have 3 different parking lots at their disposal on top of smaller, private-owned car parks. P1 is a multilevel parking located directly opposite to the terminal, while P2 and P3 are open lots surrounding P1. For Krakow Airport parking ticket prices, you can access their official website for the freshest information. For the private-owned parking lots, the price will usually be displayed on their entrance signs.

Kiss-and-Fly Zone

Next to the main entrance, you’ll find a designated driveway for picking up and dropping off passengers directly from the airport. The airport enforces an 8-minute free limit for the Kiss and Fly zone. An extra fee of 5 PLN is charged for every 4 minutes of time spent in the zone.


Disabled passengers can count on the full assistance of airport personnel – free of charge on the airport premises and during boarding and disembarking from a plane. They can also follow the special “blue line” – an easy visual guide to all the important facilities on the premises.

Finding Cheap Flights to Krakow – April 2024 Search Guide

As Krakow Balice Airport is one of Poland’s highest volume airports, you will find many well-known carriers here. Fly to Krakow in the most comfortable way! The Krakow Balice Airport is used by regular and seasonal carriers, as well as charter plane services.

The largest and at the same time probably the best-known user of the airport in Paul II Balice is the low-cost airline Ryanair. This Irish airline has revolutionised the European market by offering cheap airline tickets on the most popular routes across Europe. Thanks to them, passengers are eager to travel by air, which is pricey compared to other forms of transport. Thanks to Ryanair’s extensive transport offer, it is possible to travel from Krakow throughout Europe, with stops located in the following countries of destination: Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and United Kingdom.

Another excellent option for economy flights, for example from London Gatwick to Krakow Airport, is Wizz Air. If you’re flying from the northern parts of England, EasyJet offers a twice-weekly flight from Manchester to Krakow.

Flight Schedule – Krakow Travel Guide by Plane

In the summary below you will find the data concerning the departures from the airport Krakow-Balice. Here you will find information on both domestic and international flights of low-cost and traditional airlines. It is worth remembering that carriers tend to enrich and change their network of connections on a regular basis. Generally, Balice Airport’s offer changes every season, but the scheduling of most connections changes very dynamically. You should always check the current flight schedule of low-cost airlines in the available online search engines such as Skyscanner – they are updated there.

Krakow Domestic Flights – Fly to Cracow with the Best Connection

Balice Airport offers a good amount of air connections between major Polish airports. It makes for a great alternative to cars, trains or buses due to the sheer speed of this method. While certain connections may be a little spotty (direct, domestic connections are scheduled mostly around twice a week), you may find the best last-minute deal when searching up to 2 weeks in advance. You may find more info about outbound direct flights to major Polish airports in the Krakow Airport regular flight schedule. While the prices vary greatly depending on the time of year, possible layovers and the service provider, here’s what you should generally expect to find in online fare finders:

Target airportFlight time (direct)Average price (direct, according to Skyscanner)
Warsaw Chopin Airport (WAW)50 mins130 PLN
Poznan-Ławica Airport (POZ)1 hour150 PLN
Olsztyn-Mazury Airport (SZY)1 h 10 mins200 PLN
Gdansk Lech Wałęsa Airport (GDN)1 h 20 mins

150 PLN

A chart of domestic direct flights from Krakow International Airport

Flights from London to KRK Airport

Whether you’re planning a work trip to London city centre, or looking for a cheap last-minute return flight to Krakow, here are some of the different airlines to consider:

  1. Direct Flights:
    • British Airways operates direct flights from London Heathrow Airport (LHR) to Krakow John Paul II International Airport (KRK). These flights typically offer convenience and efficiency, with a flight duration of approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes.
    • Ryanair: a popular budget airline, also operates flights from London Stansted Airport (STN) to Krakow. These flights provide an affordable option for travelers seeking a non-stop journey between the two cities.
  2. Connecting Flights:
    • LOT Polish Airlines: LOT offers connecting flights from London Heathrow (LHR) to Krakow via Warsaw Chopin Airport (WAW). While this option involves a layover in Warsaw, it provides additional flexibility in terms of departure times and potentially lower fares.
    • Lufthansa: Lufthansa offers connecting flights from London Heathrow (LHR) to Krakow with a layover in Frankfurt or Munich. These flights allow travelers to take advantage of Lufthansa’s extensive route network and global connectivity.
    • KLM Royal Dutch Airlines: KLM offers connecting flights from London Heathrow (LHR) to Krakow with a layover in Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (AMS). Travelers can enjoy the convenience of seamless connections and access to KLM’s worldwide destinations.

Cheap international flights to Krakow and the best prices

The most popular way to travel internationally by plane to and from Krakow are European economy flights to: London, Frankfurt, Munich, Dublin, Oslo, Paris, Edinburgh and Milan. Most passengers use flights to the UK (England), followed by Germany, Italy and Norway.

There is no better way to look for cheap flight connections than practical online search engines. The most famous and useful ones include Azuon, Analyzair and Fly. It is worth using them regularly to keep your finger on the pulse. Besides, you can install free Skyscanner Price Alerts. Every time the cost of the flight you are interested in changes, you will get information in an e-mail – as a result you will buy a ticket right away.

Fly to Krakow and save your money! Affordable flights to Krakow are often available last-minute –  a day or two before departure, possibly when there are only a few seats left on the plane. In this case, it is good to be flexible with time. If you are flying to Krakow for only a few days, it is more convenient and cheaper to take only hand luggage with you. Fly to Krakow any time of year! This city is wonderful both in the summer and in the winter. An endless number of attractions and cultural events ensure that tourists have a good rest.

Europe at your fingertips – Cheap direct flights to Cracow

From Kraków Airport you can easily get to the most beautiful European capitals – Paris, Rome, London, Berlin, Brussels, Madrid, Athens, Kiev, Copenhagen, Stockholm and several others. This means that Krakow, as a city, is very friendly to the business community. In a few hours, you can get to any corner of Europe. The available destinations will be particularly appreciated by the representatives of the fashion world, as Milan, Paris, London and Berlin can be reached directly from Balice.

Direct flights to exotic destinations

Here, too, Krakow’s airport has a lot to offer. Of course, the aforementioned capital cities are also perfect for weekend city-break, but it is such destinations as Morocco with Marrakech, Malta, Tel Aviv, Cagliari, Mallorca, Gran Canaria, Lisbon and many others that provide tourists with an interesting holiday offer. What’s more important, most of these destinations are carried out by low-cost airlines, so for a small fee, you can fund yourself transport to exotic and distant places! Of course, planning such a holiday trip, we should take into account the fact that such distant sometimes flights, are carried out only on certain days of the week. Planes do not fly to such exotic destinations every day.

Disclaimer – use fare finders for most up-to-date information

Despite the information carefully collected and selected above, we advise you to keep checking the website of the airport, private carriers or independent fare finders, as the information may change from hour to hour. When you book your ticket, make sure to provide the correct contact information to receive potential updates about your flight.

Nevertheless, Krakow Airport is proud of its well-organised staff and efficient hotline to assist passengers on an ongoing basis. Flights to Krakow have never been so easy!

Discover Krakow – From Old Town to Wawel Castle

As a former capital city, Krakow boasts many historical monuments and places of interest. The attractive soul and rhythm of the city, interesting events attract thousands of tourists every day, who can find themselves here thanks to the excellent air connections. A wide range of hotels and restaurants can meet the requirements of even the most distinguished guests. Learn more about the history and attractions of this picturesque, ancient city:

  1. Krakow Old Town: The City of Kings is renowned for its well-preserved medieval city center, which layout has been largely unchanged since the 13th century. Step back in time as you wander through the cobbled streets of Krakow’s Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site brimming with architectural marvels, charming cafes, and the vibrant Main Square (or Rynek Główny in Polish).
  2. Wawel Castle: Discover the seat of Polish kings, perched atop a limestone hill overlooking the Vistula River. Explore the opulent chambers of Krakow’s Royal Castle, visit the royal tombs, and admire the panoramic views of the city below.
  3. Kazimierz Historic District: the cultural centre of Krakow. Established by Casimir III The Great (and named after him) in the 14th century, it quickly became the main aggregation of the Jewish population in Krakow until the World War II, when they were relocated to the Jewish Ghetto in Podgorze by the German occupants. Nowadays, Kazimierz district is famous for its bustling nightlife (rivaled only by the Old Town itself) as well as the Jewish Cultural Festival, which connects the area to its Ashkenazi roots. 
  4. Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum: Pay homage to the millions of lives lost during the Holocaust with a visit to the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum. Guided tours provide insight into this dark chapter of history, offering a poignant reminder of the importance of remembrance and reflection.
  5. Attractions and Activities: Once you’ve settled into your accommodation, it’s time to explore the wonders of Krakow! We recommend taking advantage of organised tours of Krakow and its surroundings, such as Energylandia Theme Park, Wieliczka salt mines, or the winter city of Zakopane

Best Time to Book Cheap Flights to Krakow

Peak season vs. off-peak season

Consider booking your flight during off-peak seasons, to take advantage of lower airfares and fewer crowds. The cheapest month for flights is January (after everyone returns from their Christmas-related escapades), with late autumn and early spring being generally considered the best for off-season travel. With pleasant weather and fewer tourists, you’ll have more opportunities to explore Krakow’s attractions at your own pace.

Timing of booking flights for the best deals

While last-minute deals can sometimes be tempting, booking your flight to Krakow well in advance is generally the best way to secure competitive prices. Aim to book your Krakow flight at least 2-3 months ahead of your planned travel dates to maximise savings and availability. Make sure to bundle it with the return flight to lock in the best prices. Stay informed about special promotions and airline sales that may offer discounted fares to Krakow. Sign up for airline newsletters, follow travel deal websites, and monitor social media channels to find the cheapest offers and discounts.

Avoiding major holidays and events for cheaper Krakow flights

Opting for midweek travel, particularly Tuesdays and Wednesdays, can often result in lower airfares compared to weekends. By avoiding peak travel days, you’ll increase your chances of finding budget-friendly flights to Krakow.


When is the best time to fly to Krakow?

Starting from October, the schedule of flights to Krakow, as well as to other destinations around the world, is changed due to the beginning of the winter season. The cheapest flights to Krakow are offered by airlines during the period of reduced tourist interest in specific cities. Typically, ticket prices of flights to Krakow drop in late autumn, i.e. at the end of October and in November, as well as in late winter, i.e. in January and February. During this time in Poland weather conditions may be unfavourable for sightseeing (due to rain, snow or wind), but there are many winter activities in Krakow to pass time with, so it may not even be that much of an issue for you.

The seasonal price reduction can be used by those who do not mind the weather in exploring magical Krakow, which is absolutely beautiful at any time of the year, as well as those who travel to Krakow on business. If you fly to Krakow in winter, it is worth remembering that during the Christmas and New Year’s Eve period, the price of a flight to Krakow can increase dramatically, as airlines know that interest will be very high anyway.

How can I find the best flight deals to Krakow, Poland?

We recommend utilising flight comparison websites such as Skyscanner, Google Flights, or Kayak to search for and compare prices from various airlines and travel agencies. These platforms allow you to view a wide range of flight options and identify the most competitive fares for your desired travel dates. 

What are the main airports in Krakow?

The only airport of Krakow is the John Paul II International Airport (KRK). This airport serves as the primary gateway for travelers flying to Krakow and is located conveniently close to the city centre.

Can I book return flights from London to Krakow at a lower price?

Yes, it is possible to book return flights from London to Krakow at a lower price, especially if you time your ticket purchase correctly. The best window for cheap, last-minute deals is between 1-2 weeks before departure. The approximate price for a one-way ticket with return between London and Krakow is £30 (according to Skyscanner).

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