Tourist’s house

Hotel and catering complex, built in 1963. It has 823 beds, 215 of which are in single and double rooms, the rest for 8 persons. This is where PTTK’s foreign tourism offices and editorial offices are located. The patron of the House – Prof. Kazimierz Sosnowski was a well-known tourist activist in the interwar years, the author of numerous works and the organizer of the construction of mountain shelters. His grave is located in the Salwator Cemetery. In the Tourist House there are special souvenirs in his honor.

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Since the XII centry cemetery at the church of St.Salvator was a parish cemetery for citizens of villages Zwierzyniec, Bielany, Chełm, Olszanica. In 1837 it was surrounded by a fence. In 1844 the tomb for Norbertine nuns was built here.
The Church of Divine Mercy is located in Kraków on Wzgórza Krzesławickie. It was built in 1983-1987. The author of the church design was Witold Cękiewicz, and the author of the structure was Edward Motak. In the openwork cross of the main altar there is an inscription “Jezu Ufam Tobie”
An irregular periodical, appearing more or less every two months – it was created in June 1992 in Krakow. Established by a group of friends from the Salwator Gontyna Street. He quickly gained collaborators in other Polish cities. It is a completely atypical historical – manners – cultural – social
Before World War I, on the south-eastern slope of the hill called Sikornik, the Society for the Construction of Cheap Housing Houses planned the construction of a residential and clerical estate. The competition for the design of the estate was announced in 1908, and it was won by Roman Bandurski,
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