Wawel Chakra

Chakra is a mysterious source of energy located on the Wawel hill. According to one theory it comes from a stone that is now a part of castle wall. Another legend says that the source appeared at the crossing of cosmic and earth energy streams, somewhere in St. Gereon chapel, between the cathedral and the castle.

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There are several reserves in Krakow. Two floristic reserves:Skałki Bielańskie: at the foot of the Camdeulian monastery in Bielany in the Wolski Forest, the rocks are protected by mixed forest, and in the lower part – thickets of oak hazel and elm.Skałki Przegorzalskie: on the Vistula slope, rare plants and
Almost from the very first years of Krakow Academy(known as Jagiellonian University), astrology was one of the subjects that were taught there. It was very important science in the XIV century as well as astronomy. Many noble scientists dedicated their lives to interpreting movements of stars and planets, and many
Mounds of Krakow
Contents1 Kosciuszko Mound2 Krakus Mound3 Wanda Mound4 Pilsudski Mound The four Mounds of Krakow are forever inscribed in the landscape of the city and its surroundings. Two of them were built to commemorate Polish national heroes – Tadeusz Kosciuszko and Jozef Pilsudski. The real purpose of the other two’s creation
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