Nature preserves

There are several reserves in Krakow. Two floristic reserves:
Skałki Bielańskie: at the foot of the Camdeulian monastery in Bielany in the Wolski Forest, the rocks are protected by mixed forest, and in the lower part – thickets of oak hazel and elm.
Skałki Przegorzalskie: on the Vistula slope, rare plants and shrubs grow under protection. The next reserves are:
Rocks of Maiden: a landscape nature reserve in the Wolski Forest protects the rich terrain, rock gorges, boulders of interesting forms, overgrown with beech forest, and rare plants in the forest – wolf’s bast, lily of the valley, lily of the valley, lily of the valley.
Bonarka: an inanimate nature reserve, an extraordinary view of the seabed washed out on Jurassic limestones.
Skołczanka: a steppe nature reserve near Tyniec, protects the remains of a pine, fir and beech forest, steppe grassland, 500 species of butterflies and wasps, some of them are found only here.
Skała Kmity: a landscape nature reserve, it covers the gorge of the Rudawa River through Garb Tęczyński, a narrow valley overgrown with forest, bare limestone rocks, a place surrounded by legends.
Skały Twardowskiego: the correct name is “Krzemionki Zakrzowskie”, there is a reserve park with hills with grottoes. Traces of a cemetery dating back thousands of years have been found here.
Podgórki – a floristic nature reserve, protects meadow plants, marshy vegetation and 400 species of butterflies.

In the voivodship includes: Cieszynianka, Dolina Mnikowska, Dolina Racławki, Kajasówka, Michałowice, Wąwóz Bolechowicki, Zamczysko nad Rabą.

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