Baraniecki Adrian

Adrian Baraniecki was a doctor of medicine, social activist and popularizer of education. He was born in Jarmolińce in 1828 and died in Krakow in 1891. He studied medicine in Kyiv, Moscow and Paris. In 1858 he founded the Polish Doctors’ Society in Paris which main task was to support students in Paris. After coming back to Poland he first works in Jarmolińce and creates the Society of Polish Doctors in Kamieniec.

During the January Uprising he was a curator of several secret schools and a member of conspiracy movement. After the revolt’s failure Adrian is escaping to Lviv and then to England where he becomes the co-founder of the Polish Emigrant Support Committee. There he discovers for himself English industrial and technical museums and starts collecting different books and objects connected with the industrial topic. He arrives to Krakow in 1868 and gives his entire collection, which counted at list 5000 units, to the city as a base for a future Museum of Technics and Industry. The Museum was open in the building of former monastery at Franciszkanów St 4. Adrian lives in the same building and works as the museum’s director and curator.

He creates special classes for traders and craftsmen, organizes the educational courses for women and men, becomes a member of various societies.

Baraniecki died in 1891 and was buried at Rakowicki cemetery.

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