Ekielski Władysław

Architect and constructor, born in Krakow in 1855, died in 1927 also in Krakow. From 1882 he worked in the architectural office of T. Stryjeński, then he was his partner for three years. He was also an assistant to the department of construction at the Industrial School, teacher of architectural forms. After the war, he lectured at the Faculty of Architecture of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. Together with his partner, he built the Konstanty Wołodkowicz Palace at Lubicz st, Zygmunt Pusłowski Palace at Westerplatte st, A. Lubomirski’s Shelter and Dr. Jana Gwiazdomorski, as well as numerous residential houses. It is also worth mentioning the cooperation with S. Wyspiański and the execution of the building design for the Wawel Hill. He published works on architecture in the “Technical Journal“, of which he later became the editor. Moreover, he was an outstanding pianist, draftsman and speaker, who was awarded many times.

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In former Krakow, each journeyman, receiving the title of a master, accepted the city law and was entered into the books of Krakow’s burghers. On this occasion, placing three fingers on the image of Christ Crucified, he made an oath that read: “I … swear to the Lord Almighty God,
You may see the name Prądnik on buses or maps – it is correct, the Krakow‘s districts Prądnik Biały and Prądnik Czerwony owe their names to the small river that flows through it. Prądnik river has its source in Sułoszowa village, with length of 35 kilometres flows through Ojcow National
Behind the Nowa Huta , the remnants of the villages of Mogiła and the Vistula, there is a park called the Mogilski Forest. It covers 32 hectares, and in summer it is often visited by the inhabitants of Krakow.
Judaica Foundation and Center for Jewish Culture in Krakow 
Judaica Foundation Judaica Foundation is a leading Jewish cultural centre in Krakow, created in 1991. Its every-day activities are supported by Center for Jewish Culture. Both institutions have headquarters in the 19th-century B’nai Emuna prayer house at 17 Meiselsa Street in the former Jewish district of Kazimierz. The building erected
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