Feliks Radwański Jr.

The architect, professor, son of Feliks senior, was born in Krakow in 1789, died in 1861. He began studies at the Jagiellonian University, but joined the artillery of the Duchy of Warsaw and did not complete them. He studied mechanics, military and civil construction and drawing at the School of Artillery and Engineering in Warsaw, from which he graduated in 1811 as a second lieutenant. Privately, he also studied painting. He worked on the fortifications of Toruń and Modlin, then he managed a gunpowder factory near Warsaw. In 1813, a participant in the Battle of Dresden, where he was captured by the Germans, a year later he returned to Krakow. In 1817 he became a district builder, in 1826-1833 he was a professor of architecture and hydraulics at the Jagiellonian University – at that time he also made a study trip to Germany, France, the Netherlands and Italy. In 1833-1855 a professor at the Technical Institute. Author of the project of bringing drinking water to the city from Olszanica, the first plan for the location of the Kościuszko Mound and the design of the Krakow City Hall, Sukiennice, co-creator of the Planty, Senator of the Republic of Krakow, Marshal of the Sejm, author of the work “Science of construction”.

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