Friedlein Józef

Bookseller, social activist, mayor of Krakow. Daniel’s son. He studied mathematics and natural sciences at the Jagiellonian University, and after his death, he took over the bookstores at the Main Square. He gathered a collection of engravings for the history of Poland – now they are in the Historical Museum. In addition, he was interested in history, numismatics, and tenor sang. He was considered a generous donor and activist of the Society of the Enthusiasts of Kraków’s History and Monuments, he was a senior bookseller, a city councilor, and chairman of the Economic Section. Vice-president and later president of the city of Krakow. He held this position for two terms. During his term in Krakow, the construction of the municipal theater was completed, a power plant and water supply were built, and an electric tram was installed. Moreover, the sewage system was modernized, an epidemiological hospital and an old people’s home were built. He particularly cared for the renovation of many monuments and churches, and above all for the reform of the communal statute, extending electoral rights to broad strata of society.

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Bookbinder, bookseller, the youngest of the sons of Pastor Karol Fryderyk and Elżbieta Rebecca Sybil. He was born in 1771 in Deuten, and died in 1834 in Kraków. After learning the profession of a bookbinder, Jan Jerzy Fryderyk left his hometown to perfect his profession while traveling around the world,
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