Grain & goods exchange

It operated in Krakow from 1922 until the outbreak of World War II. On the 12th February 1947, it resumed its activity, first at Łobzowska st and from 1950 at Wiślna 2 st and survived until 1951. Before the war, it had its seat in its own building at the corner of Tomasz St and Planty, erected in 1922-1924. The building was taken over in 1948 by the Provincial Committee of the Polish Workers ‘Party, and then by the Kraków Committee of the Polish United Workers’ Party, which was located here until the 22nd January 1990. Currently, the house is owned by the Academy of Music. The first Polish stock exchange act was passed on January 20, 1921, it repealed the acts from the times of the partition. Until 1939, there were 6 grain exchanges in Poland

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Since the XII centry cemetery at the church of St.Salvator was a parish cemetery for citizens of villages Zwierzyniec, Bielany, Chełm, Olszanica. In 1837 it was surrounded by a fence. In 1844 the tomb for Norbertine nuns was built here.
“Mister of Krakow” is the title that was awarded to the winning building in the competition for the most beautiful and functionally built house.The competition was organised by the editors of the “Echo Krakowa” newspaper in the years 1964-1981. The aim of the competition was to encourage the construction of
Jałbrzykowska Agnieszka, born in 1818, was a resident of Podgórze, today one of Krakow‘s districts. In 1887 she was, as the first woman in Krakow, officially recognized as an Honorary Citizen of the City of Podgórze for promoting education. For over 50 years she kept a female salary in Podgórze.
OFAFA Festival of Auteur Animated Film
OFAFA Festival of Auteur Animated Film promotes the art of animation in Poland through annual festival. It is organised as a two-day conference with film workshops. The aim of the event is to spread the knowledge about Polish young animated and experimental film. The organisers want to draw attention to the phenomenon
Krakow Jazz Autumn
Krakow Jazz Autumn is a yearly festival organised from September till December in Alchemia club in Kazimierz. The cosy atmosphere of the place provides intimate surroundings for musical meetings of the greatest artists of contemporary improvised music. The first edition took place in 2006 and from then on the festival has extended
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