Malczewski Rafał

Malczewski Rafał was a painter, writer and mountaineer. He was born in 1892 in Kraków. He is the son of Jacek Malczewski. He studied architecture, philosophy and painting in Krakow and Vienna. He became a member of the group “Rytm”. Malczewski painted mainly mountain and industrial landscapes. In addition, he wrote short stories, columns, and collaborated with many magazines.

His most famous works are:

  • “Drug of the Mountains” (Polish: “Narkotyk Gór”) (1928)
  • “King Nicodemus” (Polish: “Król Nikodem”) (1930) which he wrote with Ferdinand Goetel
  • “Tatras and Podhale” (Polish: “Tatry i Podhale”) (1935)
  • “Od cepra do wariata” (1939)
  • “The Mountains Are Calling” (Polish: “Góry wołają”) (1939)
  • “The Navel of the World” (Polish: “Pępek świata”) (1960)

Malczewski lived in Zakopane in 1917-1939 and practised alpine skiing there. Later he moved to Brazil, then to Canada. He died in Montreal in 1965.

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