New Podgórze cemetery

New Podgórze cemetery was established in 1900, the first person to be buried there was 23-year old Tekla Dudek from Zakrzówek. In 1905 there was build a small chapel, which was decorated by Stanisław Bodnicki’s workshop. The cemetery was expanded several times, nowadays it is considered to be closed. Some famous families are also buried here, family of Mateczny, Bodniccy(stonemasons), Matulowie(pharmacists) and Antony Wolak(Krakow Opera singer).

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Since the XII centry cemetery at the church of St.Salvator was a parish cemetery for citizens of villages Zwierzyniec, Bielany, Chełm, Olszanica. In 1837 it was surrounded by a fence. In 1844 the tomb for Norbertine nuns was built here.
Rakowicki cemetery was established in 1802 in Rakowice, then a village outside Krakow, now almost its downtown. It is still the biggest cemetery in Krakow. The first person to be buried there was the citizen of Krakow Apolonia Bursikowa. Many important for Krakow people were buried there later: Józef Dietl,
Liban is the colloquial name of a quarry established in 1884 in Krzemionki Podgóskie by the company “Wapienniki i Kamieniołomy Liban i Ehrenpreis S.A.”. In 1942-1944, the Germans organised a cruel penal camp there. The conditions were very harsh and many people died because of this. The prisoners did not
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