Twardowski Rock Park

High on the right bank of the Vistula River there are limestone hills, the afforestation of which began in the interwar years. Beautiful walking paths and grottoes add charm to the park. According to legend, Master Twardowski had his sorcerer’s laboratory in one of the caves here. There are other green enclaves in the city, however small in terms of area. Those are: park in Prokocim, Mirowski Park in Prądnik, Kleparski Park and Wyspiański Park

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Next to the former village of Łęg in Krakow, there is an oak and alder forest with an area of 20 hectares. On the one hand, it reaches the Vistula meadows and serves as a place for Sunday space ditches.
Located in Krakow at Aleja Jana Pawla II, between old Krakow and Nowa Huta. The construction of this park began in 1966. According to the original concepts, it was to be a green barrier with an area of 230 ha, isolating the city from the nuisance of the steelworks. Unfortunately,
Krakow is a city relatively poor in greenery and places to relax – it has only 2.7 m2 of greenery per one inhabitant. The oldest garden in Kraków, probably established in 1241, is the garden at the Franciscan monastery. From the 16th century, private gardens began to appear at the
Limestone hills with hollow caves rise above the Vistula River in front of Pychowice. Legends say that Master Twardowski ran a school of magic and wizardry here. Currently, the beautiful Jurassic hills are under protection. A 34 hectares park is being created here. At the base of Skały Twardowskiego, sand
Flows through the city from the west to the east, below Kraków turns north-east. Flowing through the eastern end of the Grzbiet Tęczyński , it creates a amazing ravine. During a low water level, 26 cubic meters of water flow down the Vistula per second, during an average state of
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