Andrzej Radwański

Painter, born in Biała near Jędrzejów in 1711, died in Kraków in 1762. He was first educated by the Piarists in Kraków, who later sent him to study painting by Franciszek Ekstein in Moravia, with whom he stayed for four years. After his return, he stayed in Jędrzejów, decorating chapels and numerous churches with frescoes. In 1749 he moved to Kraków with his family. He was a member of the painters’ guild. We can say that the was a writers as well.

He painted the chapel of St. Jacek in the Dominican church, the interior of the Franciscan church, Benedictine nuns in Staniątki, in the Tyniec Abbey.

He also created religious paintings, portraits of King Władysław IV, Hieronim Lubomirski, “Holy Family” and others.

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