Antoni Gramatyka

The painter, born in Kalwaria Zebrzydowska in 1841, died in Kraków in 1922. He graduated from primary school in Kalwaria and Wadowice. He learned drawings himself, then at the Academy of Fine Arts. In 1870, he received a government scholarship to travel to Vienna, where he studied drawing. He was awarded for the painting “St. Jadwiga, the priest of Silesia helps the fires of Wrocław”. In the following years, he continued his studies and painted pictures, mainly historical, religious, still lifes and landscapes. He also designed a polychrome design for the chapel of Queen Sophia in the Wawel Cathedral, and there he renovated the Maciejowski family chapel and collaborated with Jan Matejko on the polychrome painting of St Mary’s Church. In the National Museum in Krakow there are his paintings, including “Portrait of a wife with a daughter” or “Stefan Batory among the students” and others.

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