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Summer Jazz Festival in Krakow
Summer Jazz Festival in Krakow is organised every year by Piwnica pod Baranami (English the Cellar under the Rams), the most renowned cabaret and jazz club in Poland. After over 60 years of activity, Piwnica pod Baranami became a legend of local eccentricity. In the times of communist rule in Poland, many politically involved
Church of St. Andrew
Church of St. Andrew located at Grodzka Street on Krakow Old Town is one of the oldest Krakow churches. Built between 1079 and 1098 it is the only church in Krakow that survived the Mongol invasion of 1241 without detriment. It is the best preserved Romanesque church in Krakow and arguably
Malopolska – Lesser Poland region
Contents1 History1.1 Cradle of Polish statehood1.2 Modern-day Lesser Poland2 Geography and major cities Lesser Poland (in Polish Malopolska) is a historical region of Poland. It should not be confused with the present Lesser Poland Voivodeship (one of sixteen administrative provinces), though it covers the south-western parts of the historical region.
St. Mary’s Basilica
Contents1 The exterior2 The interior3 St. Mary’s Trumpet Call4 Visit the St. Mary’s Basilica St. Mary’s Basilica in the Main Square is one of Krakow’s best landmarks and probably one of the most widely recognised churches in Poland. It is an excellent example of Gothic architecture in Poland and its interior hides
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